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Hello Everyone!

We are pleased to release a beta of our new Android App (v6). If you are interested, please download the app found here:


If you find a bug, have a comment or even a question, please post the phone type, and the version of android you are currently running on this announcement via a reply. This way we can start to compile a list of devices we have tested this on.

Thank you in advance!

Hello Everyone!

I am writing the community today to let you all know of a rather grave situation we are in. As our Advanced Member community is aware (as they were notified prior to today), AnimeFTW.tv's funds are drying up. We foresee 2 maybe three months at the current course until we will have to shut down our services.

I've spent countless hours going over our finances, trying to figure out where we have gone wrong, and what we can do to remedy the issue. We've reinstalled servers to remove unnecessary control panel licenses on our video servers (600/year total), and have made attempts to curtail any growth spending we had been doing (see: ads). However with the not-to-distant setback with us getting removed from the official Kodi addon, again, we are faced with a dwindling subscriber base, which is starting to impact our future abilities to afford our server setup.

So this message is one of angst, i've spent countless nights lying awake trying to figure out ways we could make some money to pay for the server bills. We tried to get merchandise to sell, but after an initial wave no one has bothered to buy anything (in months!), so we haven't been able to recoup costs from those.. So sadly, it's come down to opening up a monthly donation drive. While I'm not necessary thrilled about this, if we want to continue to spread our love of Anime in High Quality, there is no other way.

You will find that there are now donation buttons lying around the site, the lead you to this page feel free to read up on the full list of reasons behind having to open the donations, and what our costs are to stay online.

Yes, we are allowing all our members to understand the costs we have been footing for the last few years (including the new DDoS mitigation services), so that we are all aware of what it takes to continue operating a site such as this.

We have amazing things planned, a Roku channel, an iOS app, an improved Android app and a plex addon, all to compliment our existing apps and addons. But if we lose funding now, we won't be able to get those to market.

So if you have some spare change, we would really appreciate any help you can give. The donations will rotate each month, your first name will be listed in the donors list (if you PM an admin we can change it to your username if you'd like), and we will be forever grateful for your help in continuing our mission; to bring high quality anime, old and new, to the masses.

Thank you.

Graphic artist needed!
Posted on 05.28.16 by Admin of AnimeFTW.tvrobotman321

Hey everyone!

We are looking for a graphics artist that can build us some website additions, the format would be based off the site theme (so that they look like they were built for the same theme).

If you are interested, please PM me, I can explain further :D, thanks!

Anime Update: Going for broke!
Posted on 05.15.16 by Group manager of AnimeFTW.tvsqueakz

Tanjoubi omedetou Mimby! From all of us slackers, we hope you have an awesome day :D

Hey Anime Fans! After the DDoS attack on the website, finally getting back in the swing of things and have a long list of new, finished and updated anime for you.


1080p OVAs, Series, & Movies - Available to Advanced Members Only

720p OVAs, Series, & Movies - Available to Advanced Members Only

Now Airing

Finished Airing

480p OVAs, Series, & Movies

As some of you are aware, with the transition to the DDoS provider our ability to utilize the beta of the android app ceased!

The developer behind all of the existing versions graciously donated some more time to bring a very simple, yet effective, android app for everyone to use called "AniLite".

You can download the apk here, the install location topic has been updated, removing the beta and including this lite version.

We had to proceed with this solution as our currently commissioned Android developer has yet to produce a usable solution for us. While we figure out what we are going to do (either drop the project and go to a new developer, or wait it out), we wanted our beta users to have the ability to log in to a functioning app.

It may not be the prettiest, but it works, with full search functionality you can have access to any series you previously could in the beta.

This is meant to be an in between app, to allow all our users to stay online while we work towards bringing the version 5 app online.

Please direct any questions or comments to this thread, thanks!

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