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Anime Update: Lots of Goodies!
Posted on 08.24.14 by Admin of AnimeFTW.tvmimby

Hey Anime Fans! We have another new addition to Staff, please join me in welcoming deadcalm! We still have a few more people going through the application process, so we hope to have some more to announce in the coming weeks.

Also, a big thanks to all our staff new & old for this week's big release!!

Finished Airing

Riddle Story of Devil

Complete OVAs, Series, & Movies


Anime Update: Little Update!
Posted on 08.17.14 by Admin of AnimeFTW.tvmimby

Hey Anime Fans! Staff Applications are now closed! We've still got some people going through the application process though, so you may see more staff pop up yet!

Here's this week's goodies~~

Finished Airing


Complete OVAs, Series, & Movies


Just a heads up to everyone, we've been working out some new changes to the epsiodes, how they are listed and how they are matched to series in the database.

If you are an avvid user of the My WatchList system, you will notice that on the /anime page, there are new flags next to each series. The flags will change color based on the status you give it within the My WatchList system. Check it out and see if it will help you choose the next series on your list to watch!

We have also made changes to the way episodes are rendered according to the series, there are not any anticipated issues with the new setup, but just be aware that if you run across any glitches to please post on this topci so we can address.


Anime Update: Winners!
Posted on 08.10.14 by Admin of AnimeFTW.tvmimby

Hey Anime Fans! We've still got Staff Applications open until the 17th, take a look at this post to see the requirements.

We're happy to announce the most awesome winners of the Trivia Contest!

3rd Place: animuse - Winning 1 Month Advanced Membership OR an AnimeFTW Notebook
2nd Place: granmarfunk - Winning 2 Months Advanced Membership OR an AnimeFTW T-Shirt
1st Place: prcious - Winning 4 Months Advanced Membership OR a goodie bag of equivalent value!
Congrats and thanks to everyone who entered the contest! Winners, please PM Brad(robotman321) with your winning choice!

Here's this week's goodies~~

Now Airing

Jinsei Soudan TV Animation: Jinsei

Complete OVAs, Series, & Movies


Hey Anime Fans! I'd like you all to join me in welcoming our second new batch of encoders who've passed all four rounds: jackddvicegogonzohedphonze & mrdeadworry! We've still got Staff Applications open for 2 more weeks, take a look at this post to see the requirements.

Our Trivia Contest for our new Trivia Chat Bot is open until Saturday (August 9th) until 11:59pm EDT, and there's still a world of questions for you to submit to be a winner!! We have questions entered by SIX people! The prizes are still ripe for the winning!!! If you're interested CLICK HERE for the rules & prizes!

Here's this week's goodies~~

Now Airing

Momo Kyun Sword Black Butler: Book of Circus

Complete OVAs, Series, & Movies


Hey Anime Fans! We've had a busy week here at AFTW, and I'd like you all to join me in welcoming our first new batch encoders who've passed ALL FOUR ROUNDS: nikey646cod0rama71, & marcmelo! We've still got Staff Applications open, take a look at this post to see the requirements.

We also have a fancy-dancy new Anime Trivia Bot in our chatroom. Do you know what that means??? IT MEANS IT'S CONTEST TIME! We need content for our new Bot and where better to get it than the most AMAZING Anime Fans ever?! So here the deal: We will have prizes for the top 3 submitters who give us the most questions! If you're interested CLICK HERE for the rules & prizes!

Here's this week's goodies~~

Now Airing

Blue Spring Ride

Finished Airing

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka?
Day Break Illusion

Complete OVAs, Series, & Movies


Hey Anime Fans, it's time for another Anime Update as well as a little News! Brad has been busy working on updates for the site these past few months, and we are super proud to annouce that we now have HTML5 video support and 100% SSL support site-wide available to Advanced Members!! SSL is, of course, still available to regular members where needed.

In some not so happy news, we regret to inform you that we are not having the much anticipated meet-up this year. Sadly, the schedules of the Staff were just not able to come together like we thought they would. We are going to hold out hope for next year though!!

It's time, once again, to open Staff Applications for Encoders. You don't need any experience in encoding, we will teach you how! What you do need is a COMPUTER, TIME, and a love of ANIME! We require all of our encoders to submit content at least once every 2 weeks based on a set schedule we have. Depending on how awesome your computer is it takes approximately 10-20 minutes to encode ONE 20 minute episode. So keep in mind how much time it will take for you to encode an entire 12-24 episode series, or even a movie.

We have 4 Rounds for you to pass before you can become part of our staff. ***Please keep in mind this is a volunteer position, no one on Staff gets paid, not even Brad.

  • Round 1 is where you tell us why you are qualified to become part of our Staff. Don't leave this blank, it's an automatic fail if you do!
    • This is open for 1 month from today.
  • Round 2 is taking a Security Test. This lets us see your level of competency in regards to computer security and safety. Please take this seriously, if you don't you won't pass the round!
    • You get 1 week from the day I send you a PM with the test to complete it. If you do not complete it within 1 week it's an automatic fail.
  • Round 3 we will give you encoding instructions and ask you to go find a suitable episode based on our guidelines to download and then encode it to the appropriate format. You will then submit this for our review and we will help you with any issues along the way, or any issues we find with your submission.
    • There is no time limit on this portion of the test, however if at any point you do not communicate with myself or your assigned manager for longer than 1 week you will be automatically failed.
  • If you make it to Round 4 you are now Staff! HOORAY! However, you will have ONE WEEK to get in your first submission! This is our do-or-die period for new Staff members before you are subject to our 2 week schedule. If you do not get a submission in within that week period you'll be demoted back to a member and lose Staff priveledges.
    • We will work with each person who reaches this point if any issues arise, so this period can be extended at the manager's discretion.

Speaking of Staff priveledges, it's not all work and no play! As a Staff Member you will get all the benefits of being an Advanced Member! So, if you have read all that and feel like you can keep up with the demands of being an AFTW Video Technician, please click here to apply!

Without further ado, here are the goodies~~

Now Airing:

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Sword Art Online II Tokyo ESP
Invaders of the Six-Tatami Mat Room Terror in Resonance Red Eye Killer!
Aldnoah.Zero Tokyo Ghoul Himegoto
Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Zwei! Glasslip Rail Wars
Free! Eternal Summer Kuroko's Basketball Barakmon

Finished Airing:

Atalier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Blade and Soul Brynhildr in the Darkness
Daimidaler: Prince vs. Penguin Empire Break Blade (2014) Dragonar Academy
The Comic Artist and Assistants Date a Live 2 Chaika the Coffin Princess
PUCHIM@S 2 Soul Eater Not! Isshuukan Friends
If Her Flag Breaks No Game No Life The World Is Still Beautiful
Nanana's Buried Treasure Black Bullet Knights of Sidonia
World Conquest Zvezda Plot Tonari no Seki-kun  

Complete Series:

Beyond The Heavens Mouse Phi Brain 3
We Without Wings Soul Link Real Drive
Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya OVA Wolf's rain Overman King Gainer


Deadman Wonderland The Idolmaster: Shiny Festa 


Hey Everyone!

For a while now we have offered our members the ability to use a SSL certificate mainly for logging in to their accounts and registration. We expanded this to your profile, and are pleased to announce that we have completed the last round of testing on our dev site which includes FULL site SSL support.

What this means is that for our supporting Advanced Members, they will have the ability to turn on Full Site SSL, so that from the moment that they are logged in to the site, every page will be SSL encrypted. This also includes ALL HTML5 supported videos, we have done extensive testing to ensure that the videos load while over the encrypted connection.

To know if you are running over the SSL or not, please make sure it looks like the following:


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- 1185 Series.
- 21304 Episodes Online.
- 158269 Registered users.
- 153939 Episodes Tracked.
- 36472 Episode Comments.
- 639120 minutes of video.
- 10652 hours of videos.
- 2705 GB of video.
- 403 Status Changes.
Stats updated Every 2 hours.
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