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Graphic artist needed!
Posted on 05.28.16 by Admin of AnimeFTW.tvrobotman321

Hey everyone!

We are looking for a graphics artist that can build us some website additions, the format would be based off the site theme (so that they look like they were built for the same theme).

If you are interested, please PM me, I can explain further :D, thanks!

Anime Update: Going for broke!
Posted on 05.15.16 by Group manager of AnimeFTW.tvsqueakz

Tanjoubi omedetou Mimby! From all of us slackers, we hope you have an awesome day :D

Hey Anime Fans! After the DDoS attack on the website, finally getting back in the swing of things and have a long list of new, finished and updated anime for you.


1080p OVAs, Series, & Movies - Available to Advanced Members Only

720p OVAs, Series, & Movies - Available to Advanced Members Only

Now Airing

Finished Airing

480p OVAs, Series, & Movies

As some of you are aware, with the transition to the DDoS provider our ability to utilize the beta of the android app ceased!

The developer behind all of the existing versions graciously donated some more time to bring a very simple, yet effective, android app for everyone to use called "AniLite".

You can download the apk here, the install location topic has been updated, removing the beta and including this lite version.

We had to proceed with this solution as our currently commissioned Android developer has yet to produce a usable solution for us. While we figure out what we are going to do (either drop the project and go to a new developer, or wait it out), we wanted our beta users to have the ability to log in to a functioning app.

It may not be the prettiest, but it works, with full search functionality you can have access to any series you previously could in the beta.

This is meant to be an in between app, to allow all our users to stay online while we work towards bringing the version 5 app online.

Please direct any questions or comments to this thread, thanks!

Hey Everyone!

A variety of bugs have popped up over the last week due to our migration to the new DDoS mitigation service. Mostly, there were a lot of logout bugs associated with how the new service handled inbound requests, it made my very secure session handling system cranky!

Fret not, I believe I have fixed it with a different approach to session security, you may have noticed that you were logged out, my apologies, but that was necessary to properly facilitate the emergence of the new system =D

Along with our new session security, we've made bug fixes around the site to smooth out some of those nasty bugs that have been lingering for a while. You'll notice that profile comments and episode comments will post the first time you fill them out!

There are some other query enhancements under the hood that should help speed up the site just a little bit more :)

As always, if you find a bug in need of extermination, please post it up!

Hello Everyone!

To all of those that came back so far, thank you, you stuck out one of the most stressful times in our site's 9 year history.

The Play-by-play..

The jist is this, on March 28th, at 12:03CDT our alerting software notified us to a connection disruption to the server, it would come and go but nothing was sustained for more than a few minutes. We initially thought that this was something in our providers network, as we saw routing loops (or what we thought were..) once it reached their network.

At 2:11PM CDT on the same day, we experienced the largest attack, a Wordpress based pingback web attack. Which simulated hundreds of thousands of requests a minute all at a very large size caused our server to fall under the stress. To make matters worse, our provider did not act quick enough to mitigate the issue, so there ended up being a 4 hour window of downtime.

At 6:37PM CDT, we had full connectivity back and were able to confirm that the logs were showing the wordpress attack. Within 10 minutes, at 6:46PM CDT, our connectivity was lost, and our provider confirmed that it was the same sort of attack which was able to saturate two of their 1Gbit uplinks.

They immediately took our vlan down, in doing so the route to our ips was dropped which caused their network to stabilize. Speaking with our provider, we were aiming to bring everything back online after 11PM CDT that night.

At 7:40PM CDT, we were approached by an individual claiming to be the perpetrator of the attacks, demanding a ransom otherwise our site would have never been brought online. After a tough negotiation, we were able to come to a deal that would see the DDoS attempts stopped.

For those that followed our facebook page, or were in the IRC channel know, we did not come back online that night. Our provider opted to keep us offline, essentially locking our data away in our servers where we could not reach them.

In the morning I spoke with our providers, we were able to get access to the servers via KVM, however were unable to grab data as in and outbound traffic was still haulted. Around midday on the 29th, we were told we could get outbound access from our vlan, but that was it. So our team prepared a new server, in a different facility away from any of our other infrastructure and awaited word when we could access our servers.

At 9:30PM CDT, on March 29th we gained access to our servers, and were able to package up all of the accounts, transferring them to our new server where we worked through the night to restore full functionality as well as making large code changes to handle the connections from behind the cloudflare infrastructure.

At 12:42AM CDT on March 30th it was confirmed that the rest of the world was seeing our site as up, we proceeded to test various functionality, server-side as well as app-side. At 1:30AM CDT, we confirmed that all services were online and operating normally.

When all was said and done, we had 29 hours and 57 minutes of downtime :(

But what does this mean for me??

Well, nothing, other than you had 30 hours of no anime time, for that we are truely sorry.

The individual that attacked us has brought up a variety of points about our business operations that we will have to address in the coming weeks. For example, we have gotten lax on our financial transparency, we used to be good about telling users the amount of subscribers, which could be quantified into how much the site took in a month. We have also stopped donating to fansub groups, while we had kept a running log internally, we never put the list forward to the public, and due to decreasing income, had stopped submitting donations as well. 

We will be addressing these as well as other items that the attacker brought up for reasons behind his attack, and will implement new strategies going forward to help the small fansub groups. (another example)

Our new DDoS mitigation strategy has been in place, it has helped speed up the site and improved the functionality of the servers sitting behind the service. No data was lost and we have checked all our services to ensure that you can watch through your Kodi Addon, your windows phone and your android based devices.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, post it up, or PM me directly, thank you.

Hey Anime Fans! We have a new airing series with a couple older series now up for grabs. We are also opening Staff Applications once again! This means that you can become our slav---Staff for the site, and help bring the joy of Anime to others! (Disclaimer: You may or may not be transported to a sweat shop to do all of the work)

This is a volunteer position, and no one on staff gets paid, not even our almightly overlord Brad! You won't need any experience in encoding, because we will teach you everything you need to know (And possibly more!). What you will require though, is a decent computer, lot's of time, and an unending passion for anime. We will require every encoder to submit at least One Series every fortnight, based on a pre-defined schedule that we have. Do remember though, that encoding a single episode of anime can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, for a single episode! Remember to account for the fact that you could be doing a 12-24 episode series.

We have 4 Rounds that you will be put through... They are painful, tear inducing, and barely humane at all! They are as follows:

  • Round 1 is where you tell us why you are qualified to become part of our Staff. Don't leave this blank, it's an automatic fail if you do!
    • This is open for 1 month from today.
  • Round 2 is taking a Security Test. This lets us see your level of competency in regards to computer security and safety. Please take this seriously, if you don't you won't pass the round!
    • You get 1 week from the day you get a PM from staff with the test to complete it. If you do not complete it within 1 week it's an automatic fail.
  • Round 3 we will give you encoding instructions and ask you to go find a suitable episode based on our guidelines to download and then encode it to the appropriate format. You will then submit this for our review and we will help you with any issues along the way, or any issues we find with your submission.
    • There is no time limit on this portion of the test, however if at any point you do not communicate with your assigned manager for longer than 1 week you will be automatically failed.
  • If you make it to Round 4 you are now Staff! HOORAY! However, you will have ONE WEEK to get in your first submission! This is our do-or-die period for new Staff members before you are subject to our 2 week schedule. If you do not get a submission in within that week period you'll be demoted back to a member and lose Staff priveledges.
    • We will work with each person who reaches this point if any issues arise, so this period can be extended at the manager's discretion.

Speaking of Staff privileges, it's not all work and no play! As a slav----Staff Member, you will get all of the benefits that an Advanced Member does!

If you managed to read through the above wall-o-text, and think you will be able to keep up with your slave duties, err Staff duties, then go ahead and Apply over Here!


720p OVAs, Series, & Movies - Available to Advanced Members Only

Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls (2015) Noragami Aragoto

Now Airing

Haruchika: Haruta & Chika

480p OVAs, Series, & Movies

Blood Lad: I Am Not a Cat (OVA) Bottle Fairy
Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls (2015) Noragami Aragoto
Sky Girls

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