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Roku Channel is released!
Posted on 11.16.16 by Admin of AnimeFTW.tvrobotman321

Hello Everyone!

We are excited to announce the initial release of our new Roku Channel!

The channel has been under development for the last few months, and features the ability to watch all of the available episodes on the site, from your Roku device.

You can add the channel to your device, by clicking this link:

We have setup support forum here:

In version 1.0 we are offering the basic functionality of viewing series and movies. We are working on a roadmap that will bring Searching and My WatchList integration within the next few weeks, so fear not, this is not the final form!

We welcome any and all feedback, from connecting the device to your account, to using the interface, please let us know in the replies of this thread or through the Roku support forum, thanks!

Come Join us in Discord!
Posted on 11.07.16 by Admin of AnimeFTW.tvrobotman321

Hey Everyone!

We've been busy with various projects on the site (as well as real life -_-), but come join us in discord, we've setup a server with various channels and want to hang out with you guys! (please, save me from the staff, it gets so boring.. [jk])

If you have dicord, or even if you don't, come join us and hang out!

We are looking to incorporate some community functions, maybe a Q&A session or even town hall meetings (think state of the site).

Looking forward to seeing you there :D

Sign up with this link:

Hey Anime Fans! We have some more anime coming your way. We are currently working on a process to be able to deliver more anime to you quickly so stay tuned! And as always Enjoy!

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Hello Everyone!

We are please to release version 6 of our Android App, with this version comes much needed My WatchList integration, Episode comments, Episode ratings, Chomecast Support.

This is in addition to the previous ability to watch all of our library from your mobile device.

We have improved the sorting and search as part of this release!

Even though we have done extensive testing on this version, we know that bugs are a real possibility. If you find one, please post up in the Android App Support forums, we will add it to our issue tracker and get it verified and fixed as quickly as possible.

If there is a feature that you wish the app had, please post it up, we are going to continuously update to improve the experience at every turn.

As always, check out the download locations thread for more details on where you can find our app:


Anime Update: Pocky!!
Posted on 08.22.16 by Group manager of AnimeFTW.tvsqueakz

Hey Everyone!

If you have not been using the V6 Beta for Android devices, now is your chance!

Release Candidate 1 (RC1) will be around for the next week, we ask that everyone download the app and test it out. If you find an issue or want a feature, please let us know. We have an issue tracker on our git server that all feedback will be added to so we can get it addressed!

Check out the download here:


Hello Everyone!

We are pleased to release a beta of our new Android App (v6). If you are interested, please download the app found here:

If you find a bug, have a comment or even a question, please post the phone type, and the version of android you are currently running on this announcement via a reply. This way we can start to compile a list of devices we have tested this on.

Thank you in advance!

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