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I've found the issue, your existing channels should be functioning properly.

Original Post:

Hey Everyone,

If you've been using our Roku channel, it's possible your only able to see the My WatchList and Latest Episodes entries. 

I've been doing testing to see what this means and i suspect Roku pushed out an update to players that is interfering with the way our channel is formatted. I am not seeing calls to our api for the other options, so I'm suspecting a backend update to the roku as the cause for this loss of functionality.

We've reached out to the developer of the channel to see if he can provide insight into our issues.

When we know more we will update everyone.

Hey Everyone!

It's that time of the week, time for another Baraki Review!

This week he reviews Interviews with Monster Girls, check out the video here:

API bug resolved.. Sorry..
Posted on 04.05.17 by Admin of AnimeFTW.tvrobotman321

Hey Guys and Gals..

I made a rather costly mistake when doing some maintenance on our API. If you have attempted to login to something that requires the API (kodi addon, roku channel, android app, windows phone app), then you were hit with an unknown profile after logging in message. 

This has been fixed, and logins are now being processed again.

The issue revolved around how we broke down the logins through the API, prior to last Sunday we had used a userid string in how we manipulated validation. We changed it up so that we would be using an array of data for users, as this future proofed the code which in turn allowed us to properly add user permissions to the API. (see: Give Advanced Members access to HD content, if they choose)

Which ended up breaking because I missed a reference to the string, once the array was passed through properly everything worked again.


Finally.. yes finally, we have a site update. The last one being a month ago we felt that we needed to address some of the requests coming out of our subscribers.

I'm pleased to announce that we have extended the default HD playback site setting to our API.

Before the update, the only way to watch HD content as an advanced member, was to watch it on the site. We've had countless requests to add this functionality to the Kodi and Roku channels so starting today 1080p and 720p content is now available (yay!).

If your an advanced member, or a curious regular member, you can edit this setting from your profile, simply click on the Edit my Settings, found in the top sub nav bad or the left had nav when viewing your profile. From there click on the Site header that appears, then scroll down till you see Default Video Playback .. This is the setting that will set your video quality on the website or through the API.

PLEASE NOTE: With great power comes great responsibility... While we have extended this functionality to our API, it also means that default playback will change on your Windows phone or Android app devices. (!) So be extra careful to consume our video collection through wifi when you are playing at home. Eventually, we will have a flag per developer account that forces hd content off unless it's overridden in the apps.

Thanks for being awesome everyone, remember that you can add our Roku channel to your device by clicking this link: or follow these steps to add our Addon to your Kodi instance!

Hey Anime Fans! 

We're happy to present a new treat for you guys. In partnership with one of our very own members Baraki we are pleased to announce fan reviews!

This week he gives us his take on Mob Psycho 100, check out his Youtube review here:

Roku Channel v1.1 Live!
Posted on 02.26.17 by Admin of AnimeFTW.tvrobotman321

Hey Everyone,

We've pushed Version 1.1 of our Roku Channel live~! 

Here are the changes for this version:

1. Displaying Watchlist on the home screen as a row (if populated)
2. Adding/Removing items to/from Watchlist on Springboard screens
3. Add watchlist position tracking during playback. (integrates with watching from our Android App, Windows Phone App or on the Site)
4. Adding a few most popular categories to the Home screen.
5. Bug fixes for loading of series that cause duplicates to appear.

As always, you can add the channel to your Roku device by clicking this link:

If you find any bugs, feel free to post on this topic or in the Roku Channel Support Forum


Hello Everyone!

I'll make this short and sweet, is looking for community managers.

But what is a community manager you might ask, well, the position does a lot of things. Specifically we are looking for a few ambitious folks that would be interested in helping us grow and maintain our social media presence. Someone(s) that would be willing to help us audit and give direct feedback about various community engagement locations on the site (video comments, forum posts, profile comments to name a few). As well, we are also looking for community managers that would be interested in writing reviews/performing reviews on camera - we have some lofty goals that revolve around vlog style reviews of anime series.

No experience is required for anything, however having solid drive to want to better the site will be one of our leading requirements when evaluating potential staff members. (as always).

If you have a question about this job, please post on this thread, pm myself through the site or hit me/us up in our discord server.

Thank you!

Anime Update: Happy New Year!
Posted on 01.30.17 by Group manager of AnimeFTW.tvsqueakz

Hey Anime Fans! Along with a new year, there is lots of new anime starting up. If you have anything you would like to see, feel free to let us know. As always, enjoy!

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