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Sword Art Online
Site Rank:
Sword Art Online is ranked #35  on AnimeFTW.tv
Sword Art Online
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Novel, Romance, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Sudden Girlfriend Appearance, Swordplay, Tragedy, Violence, Virtual Reality
Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya enters a virtual-reality, massively multiplayer online role playing game called Sword Art Online. There is no escape from this world unless the player clears the game; however getting a "game over" results in the death of the player.
Episode #1: The World of Swords
Episode #2: Beater
Episode #3: The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Episode #4: The Black Swordsman
Episode #5: A Crime Within the Walls
Episode #6: Illusionary Avenger
Episode #7: Warmth of the Heart
Episode #8: The Sword Dance of White and Black
Episode #9: The Blue-Eyed Demon
Episode #10: Crimson Killing Intent
Episode #11: The Girl of the Morning Dew
Episode #12: Yui`s Heart
Episode #13: Edge of Hell`s Abyss
Episode #14: The End of the World
Episode #15: Return
Episode #16: The Land of Fairies
Episode #17: Captive Queen
Episode #18: To the World Tree
Episode #19: The Lugru Corridor
Episode #20: General of the Blazing Flame
Episode #21: The Truth of Alfheim
Episode #22: Grand Quest
Episode #23: Bonds
Episode #24: Gilded Hero
Episode #25: The World Seed
Episode #26: SPECIAL: Sword Art Online: Extra Edition
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Series Reviews
on Sep, 17th, 2012
by tinkovay
The only reason Im giving it 4 stars, because there are not enough episodes out yet to make a proper decision, but surely it exceeds any anime of this kind. Practically any of the //hack series The main plot is clean and simple, can keep track of it while things get twistedand dramatic. Character personality selection is great, funny where it has to be, personalities evolve , got tragedy, betreyal, and the little romantic thread, what every anime needs to be good. Very promising work

on Sep, 18th, 2012
by tianwuace25
very nice anime, its still ongoing and I am expecting a lot more twist in the story... great job!!

on Oct, 7th, 2012
by asuriel
SAO is a rather serious show. There are lighthearted moments but dont expect chibi-style comical scenes. To me the first episode was a real catch, i couldnt wait to see the second episode. For me that is rather rare since in my opinion most series build their attraction over time after youve grown into the world at episode 3 or 4. (generic number, it happens unless i grew tired waiting aka lost interest) I dont really want to go into the plot more as the summary already does but ... The plot is twisting at moments i really didnt think it would and is generally moving fast. There are people who would regard quite some of the early episodes as "fillers" due to them beeing sidestories. I really couldnt disagree more! I didnt reagard a single episode as a filler. The episodes not working to the end of the game were for me, interesting and, they are developing the characters and introduce people i hope to see more of. For me this show is up to date a very clear 5/5 - best of the year. Since this is ongoing and i did NOT read the novel (im actually starting to read it though) this review is bound to change, negative or even more positive.

on Oct, 25th, 2012
by rjames_901
You know certain anime catches ones eye quickly but its the ones that don't at first until you get curious. It was very well thought out and made perfect. Of course there are the moments when you wonder about what happened as Kirito levels up but I'm sure someone may do some typo of OVA regarding that....maybe. This is a must see anime. I recommend it to everyone :l

on Nov, 18th, 2012
by vmpdragon
Very good Anime! I really enjoy watching it and waiting till the next Saturday keeps me going through the week! Would like more eps though.. Guess I have to wait for good things. Keep it up!!

on Dec, 21st, 2012
by brutalisktip

on Dec, 26th, 2012
by Advanced User Titledrkg3n0m3
In my book, this is probably one of the best anime series I have seen so far. While I cannot say this is the most original series out there, but what is lacks for in originality it makes up with character development. I fell for each and every character in this series. Sword Art Online is both heartwarming and engaging, it is definitely a series you must try out if you haven't given it a chance yet!

on Dec, 26th, 2012
by lookingthrutheprism_
I first watched the first episode a few months ago (whenever it came out). It wasn't really appealing, so I wasn't inclined to keep watching. But as luck would have it, I forgot and watched episode 20 or 21. I was hooked. watched the whole series in 3 days. I hope they continue with the seed. Very entertaining.

on Jan, 29th, 2013
by andrew908927
Plot holes everywhere. I've saw deeper characters in my poo. There was no 2 years worth of semen making a gloping sound inside Asuna. This show is the most over hyped one I've saw in a LOOONNNGGGG time. "Oh, but it's an anime about being in a game." That doesn't make it good.

on Apr, 21st, 2013
by smk206
Very enjoyable watch. I love to play MMORPGs and this covered a lot interesting aspects of online gaming despite the use of the die for real plot device. Even still, the show is more enjoyable than Hack. The show suffers mostly by jumping forward in time way too much. The first season should have been twice the number of episodes at a minimum. Not enough time is spent developing some of the secondary characters. Second season had plenty of content and good story to keep me watching, even if I prefer the first online world. I hope it gets remade in the future with more meat on its bones. Until then, I will rewatch it a few times. ^_^'

on Apr, 30th, 2013
by sameold124
Very very good in my opinion. Unfortunately I feel that much like the light novel I would have rather seen an entire season (25 eps) of him leveling and having great adventures in the 2 years and thickening the plot before the epic showdown. Hopefully they will continue it.

on Jul, 30th, 2013
by skip260
This is the best anime i have seen so far. I am glad to see it getting the credit it needs being on toonami. This anime is a classic and should be viewed by anyone who watches anime. It provides all of the genres an anime viewer needs. Not too much fan-service, great comedy, beautiful animation and fight scenes, and the world itself just makes you want to be there. There were so many little perks to the show, referencing its game environment, like over simplified cooking, or smashing into a wall, as it would say,"Immortal Object". This anime is a 5/5 easy.

on Nov, 26th, 2013
by varion_black
This is among the best animes that I have ever seen. I enjoyed it a great deal. It's too bad it isn't longer, but I applaud the decision to finish up a distinct plotline instead of extending it indefinitely.

on Jun, 6th, 2014
by tylerbbigt1195
It is a must see Anime makes you want more through out the whole series.

on Aug, 3rd, 2014
by Advanced User Titledjbrakke
So much good has already been said. Wonderful story w/ a gamer hook. Even the vocabulary is right! SAO is a quality example of an entry level anime for someone new to the genre.

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