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This is the end for

The road to today has been an adventure for us, but it is one that must come to an end.
Check out this topic for more information about closing at the end of November.

- The Staff.
Advertisement FAQ
Q. When I try to stream your video I get a 403 error, why do I get this error?

A. Well we have protection measures in place to conserve bandwidth, we try to make our servers only usable from the sites that we designate, it usually means your ISP is whats called Throttling, (its a big word for sending data chunks at different times thus making it look like your behind a proxy). That said, if you are behind a proxy it most certainly wont work!

Q. Why don't you carry Naruto Shippuuden?

A. We have answered this many times, and its because its too Volatile, meaning, if we were to place it on our site. 1)we can get sued, 2) i can get thrown in jail, 3) they could find our hosters, and it being the most pop0ular anime in the world, would have us down in minutes... So, please dont ask, if you do without reading this you will get banned.

Q. I noticed you don't carry (insert anime here), when will you get it?

A. We usually don't have a set place (as of right now), where we will announce, we TRY to place threads Here as well as take requests for anime here, we do ask when submitting an anime, that you read or search through the existing requests, as it might have been suggested already!

Q. The video is running very slowly, what can I do?

A. It is most likely that your are attempting to stream during one of our peak hours, we are sorry for this inconvenience, but please also check that you don't have any downloads or uploads in progress as that would also hinder streaming abilities.

Q. These subtitles are off, or they have bad spelling errors, fix it please?

A. no. no. no. no. we HOST them we don't SUB them -.- anyone who complains will just get a strike against them, we do this for free, the only thing that would be fair to "complain" about would be our h.264 softsub mkv's to divx, then we will tell you to go try it yourself and see if you have better luck.

Q. "how much is animeftw advanced membership?"

A. Advanced Membership is an addition to becoming a FTW Subscriber.

Q. "how to stream animeftw"?

A. started out with the DivX Web Player, then on January 1st, 2015 the HTML5 player was launched for all users, allowing a platform independent viewing experience.

Q. How do I change my password?

A. Click on the "Profile" tab at the top, this will bring you to your profile, you will then see a "Change My Password" link appear below the "Profile" Tab, clicking that will reveal a dropdown that you can click to change your password.

Q. Why won't the video work? im getting a big red "X" on the corner of the video spot?!

A. If your browser has not already prompted you to do so, you will need to download the DivX webplayer, which can be found here, once you have done that everything will work as it should.

Updates will be made periodically with additions to the FAQ page, we envision it to grow bigger so chack back for updates!
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