Thank you.
The team decided to leave the site online using a cheap/free solution, and in doing so we have opted to protect our users by removing logins, registration, access to user profiles and specific forums.

We believe we have valuable data, be it from episode names, user submitted reviews and general conversations on the forums. This is why we felt it necessary to leave the site online, albeit in a read only mode.

If you were unaware, we have been selling special hard drives that come with going away presents. They come in a 12TB Models, they come infused with the hopes and dreams of the site and her staff.
If you want to own a piece of, check out the hard drives, or click here and check out the available wares that we used to sell through the site (please buy something, make the feels go away :( )

We can't thank our supporters enough, old and new, we wouldn't have made it here if it wasn't for you.
We were able to have many propsperous years sharing our love of anime with everyone.
Thank you.
Fay, Ray and the staff