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This is the end for

The road to today has been an adventure for us, but it is one that must come to an end.
Check out this topic for more information about closing at the end of November.

- The Staff.
Advertisement Rules
  1. English is the language of the site, its comments, and the forums; Posting in other languages will result in a deletion of that comment/post. This site is formatted in different languages to appeal to various people, but posting is permitted to English only.
  2. When Requesting Anime:
    • 2 Lists are around for requested anime, our Denied Suggestions and our Accepted Suggested lists.
    • Members that ask for any anime on our denied list are subject to a 3 day suspension of their account. We try to keep order and this is a procedure we need people to follow.
    • Do not request anime in the Comments of other series` episodes, these comments will be immediately deleted.
    • Do not request anime anywhere other than the Anime Requests board. Any other requests in any other boards will be closed/delete on the spot.
    • Dubbed Anime is forbidden, asking will result in a 3 day suspension.
  3. Read the sites FAQ Section, they are frequently asked questions we want Members to be fond of and remember the answers to. Think of them as secondary rules to these and they should be followed at all times.
  4. Finally, no swearing at members, or starting flame wars, we are a community not a bash house, users that do not follow this rule will have their account suspended.
  5. Admin, Managers and Forum Mods` Say is final, arguing with a decision made with the following will lead to an account suspension by the admins.
  6. We want everyone to have fun watching anime, if you are going to post a spoiler, use the spoiler function, other members will appreciate it and so will the staff (as of July 12th, any before did not have the option)
  7. No bumps on the forums, we see everything so theres no need to bump anything.
  8. Posting comments:
    • Posting comments is a privilege, we reserve the right to revoke your ability to post on any videos.
    • You must post a comment that are valid to the video. Meaning, no "FIRST", "SECOND" and so on, you post comments about the video you are watching while refraining from saying whatever post you are on the film.
  9. Advertising of other sites is forbidden except for those found in the Site Affiliates Forum. Abuse through posting links to sites not permitted will not be tolerated.
  10. Lastly, misuse of any part of the site will result in a Member loosing access to that part of the site, we will not tolerate abuse of our system.

Following of the above rules and regulations will ensure that the site will be around a long time, if users follow the directions and respect one another we will thrive and become the greatest streaming site on the net!
Site Statistics
- 1643 Series.
- 27978 Episodes Online.
- 192245 Registered users.
- 264570 Episodes Tracked.
- 36472 Episode Comments.
- 839340 minutes of video.
- 13989 hours of videos.
- 3552 GB of video.
- 424 Status Changes.
Stats updated Every 2 hours.
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