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Beet the Vandel Buster: Excellion
Site Rank:
Beet the Vandel Buster: Excellion is ranked #529  on AnimeFTW.tv
冒険王ビィト エクセリオン
Bouken Ou Beet Exelion
Adventure, Fantasy, Magic
This is the sequel to Beet the Vandel Buster.
It continues at the spot the first Season ended.
Episode #1: A New Continent! The Beginning of a New Adventure!
Episode #2: The City of Tengeki, Shangiku
Episode #3: Griffas Appears! Bring Back the Runaway Leon!
Episode #4: Open an Inn in Shantigo!
Episode #5: The Artistic Soul Explodes!
Episode #6: Ebul of Swift Winds! Listen to the Voice of the Wind!
Episode #7: Moonlit Encounter! The Name is Vaus!
Episode #8: Lord of Greed Harden! Assault in Shantigo!
Episode #9: Tonga of Sparks! The Roar of the Thunder Strike!
Episode #10: Hang Infiltrates! The Battle on Tengeki Festival!
Episode #11: The Weakest Vandel on the Planet! His Name is Nyanjamar!
Episode #12: Raymond of the Streams! Young Ones, This is Training!
Episode #13: Jera out for Revenge! Beet is Consumed by Flame!
Episode #14: Revealed! The Secret of the Dark Dungeon!
Episode #15: The Great Search! Beet Resurrected!
Episode #16: The Awakened Tenryoku! The Power that lies within Leon!
Episode #17: Vaus` Sweeping Attack! The Battle for Shantigo!
Episode #18: Vaus versus Padro! To Protect Leon!
Episode #19: Windfang Flash! The Soul of a Wind Mage!
Episode #20: The Beet Wariors! Break Into The Dark Dungeon!
Episode #21: Maidens of Flame and Thunder! Defeat Hang!
Episode #22: The Dark Dungeon Flies!
Episode #23: Warden of the Dark Dungeon! The True Vaus!
Episode #24: The Final Battle! Flashing Excellion Blade!!
Episode #25: Farewell Shantigo!
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