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The Minami Family: Okawari
Site Rank:
The Minami Family: Okawari is ranked #567  on AnimeFTW.tv
Minami-ke Okawari
Comedy, Coming of Age, Daily Life, Seinen
The continuation of Minami-ke directly after first series.
Episode #1: Hot Springs, Here We Come!
Episode #2: Taste is Inherited Over Generations
Episode #3: Evening Hospitality, Secretly an Excuse
Episode #4: Is It Alright to Tidy Up?
Episode #5: Can`t Take Back a Served Tea Cup
Episode #6: Has My Rice Already Cooled Down?
Episode #7: The More You Chew It, The Sweeter It Becomes
Episode #8: There`s Always Time for the Pool
Episode #9: Starting to be Painful? The Secret of Mako-chan
Episode #10: `Dumplings Rather Than Flowers` Age
Episode #11: It became bad as expected
Episode #12: One More Mouthful is Painful
Episode #13: Everyone Gather, Thanks for the Meal
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