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This is the end for

The road to today has been an adventure for us, but it is one that must come to an end.
Check out this topic for more information about closing at the end of November.

- The Staff.

If you've been under a rock the last few weeks, make sure you check out the final goodbye topic here:

For everyone else, we wanted to remind you that you have 11 days left to order your hard drive before we up the price on December 1st (because against my better judgement I think some people still might be interested in it, and i'm a glutton for punishment).

If you've always wanted to have swap, check out our the general merchandise cart found here:

I'm going through inventory not sold and marking it down severely, the goal is to make the processing fees and shipping match or get close to what you order (within reason), we don't want any of the stuff anymore, it's clearly been taking up dust in my office so everything MUST go. If you want to have a custom package done, i'll be all for that, just shoot me a pm with what you want, where you are and we can work something out. NOTHING is off the table, but i really want this stuff gone :

For those that have ordered a hard drive, we'll be sending out notices at the end of the month with estimated shipping dates.

Thank you!

Hello Everyone.

Our little corner of the internet has been around for over 9 years (9.5 to be precise!) and over these last 9.5 years we've been extremely lucky to have had over 1200 supporters and over 250 thousand registered users. Everyone's support be it through a subscription to the site, to telling their friends about us has kept us going, it's given us a spring in our step as we've enjoyed spreading our love of anime with others.
Sadly, however, the time has come where we must say our goodbyes. While we've enjoyed many years of prosperity, we've also faced many months of hardship, especially the last few ones. Those that have read our donation page know that we had a hefty server bill per month. Our aspirations had been great and we rented out a whole rack for our servers monthly in anticipation of great expansion. That, it would seem, was our downfall, and while we were busy either with real life or with curating new series, we missed a step and never foresaw what could happen if we lost our paypal account (which we had not made public). A few months back that day came, our paypal was locked down and so were the funds, we had an immense outpouring for our existing subscriber base to the tune that we raised 1.5 months of server bills in just a week to keep us going, it was amazing.
While it's nice to be able to let users like yourself know we're hurting for cash here and there, it's not something that we can do monthly. We relied on our subscriber base to support our monthly operations, which is where we saw upwards of 50% of the subscriptions turn out to be zombies (when you sign up for forget to cancel and never go back, strange right?).
This has led us to where we are today, we setup a Patreon account and quickly saw our most loyal members flock to it as a support platform, however, it totaled less than 100 pledges. While this was exceptional to see, it didn't help with the fact that we had no way to make up that 50% quickly. I've spent many nights the last month in bed, thinking about ways to continue operations. Whether it was to totally cut back and find a cloud provider for cheap, or find new ways to monetize the site. Discussions with the management team led us to the same conclusion.
To shut down the site.
Believe me when I say this, it was not taken lightly, we spent quite a few days deliberating and thinking up more ways to try and save the site. However we were all taken back to the simple truth, we had no way to increase our current supporter base by 200% in the few short weeks necessary to keep us running.
So here we are, today, November 1st, 2017 and we are officially announcing the closure of, which will be at the end of the month on November 30th.
After the 30th, we will move the site to a read only server with the goal of allowing future and current members the ability to review the site's forums and anime listing (as we believe there is valuable content in the forums). While at the same time removing the ability for user profiles to be seen, we believe that user data shouldn't be deleted, but also believe that removing data would compromise other aspects of the site. (so fear not)
This leads up to the only bright spot of this post; we are offering three solutions that will start shipping/email at the end of November so that you can keep the anime you love, or never knew you had access to. We will offer two physical hard drive dumps and a "download-as-much-as-you-can-till-its-gone" package which I will go into detail. Please note that the site does not posses dubbed anime, we've gotten a few requests for this content in addition to the subbed content we have, but the site has only ever had subbed content (this IS a site dump after all).
1. 4TB HDD with the highest quality of each series available.
As the name suggests you can order a 4TB Hard Drive from, where we will load it up with everything the site has in the highest quality. The price for this will be $150 dollars, and includes shipping to wherever you are.

2. 8TB HDD with ALL of the episodes and movies.
While the previous version was just the highest quality available, we have roughly 7TB of video that encompass 480, 720 and 1080 variants of most videos added within the last 3 years. This solution will cost you $250 dollars, can be ordered and as the other, includes shipping to wherever you are.

3. $50 dollars, one time to download as long as the server is alive.
We will be putting Zeus online in a read only state, for $50 dollars, you will have access to the server after the 30th of November, at this time when you sign up for the package you will be assigned a password (with your requested username), which in turn will give you FTP and a web interface to download files. There will be no limits on how much you can download, just that you must be aware the server can past 10 months, or 3 months (we can guarantee at least three months) .

The last 9.5 years have been a blast, we started from humble beginnings making websites for one site at a time (you bleachftw fans know what i'm talking about), to having a website with over 1640 series and 27 thousand episodes in it's collection. We've had new and old series, easy to find and some of the hardest, but most of all we had members who supported us through everything, and we hope that you'll support us to the end.
While the site may be closing, we hope to come back in the future under different circumstances.
Thank-you for the love and kindness you've shown towards the site and her staff through the years, we love you all and hope that you continue to enjoy anime as much as we do.


Aka Robotman321

API Login bug - fixed
Posted on 10.11.17 by Admin of AnimeFTW.tvrobotman321

Hey Everyone,

If you tried to log in to an app for the site that used our api (Kodi addon, windows phone app, android app) was not logging in correctly. We have found the error and you should be able to freely continue logging in to our services.

That is all.


It's that time of the week!

Time for another Baraki Review, and it's a good one!

This week he reviews Your Lie in April, check out the video here:

It's that time of the week!

Time for another Baraki Review!

This week he reviews Eromanga Sensei, check out the video here:

Hey Anime Fans! We have a bunch of airing series this round. Go and check them out.

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