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This is the end for

The road to today has been an adventure for us, but it is one that must come to an end.
Check out this topic for more information about closing at the end of November.

- The Staff.
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The website and all our services are completely self funded, we rely on viewers like you to maintain our Anime Library and keep us going strong!
Hello and thank you for visiting.

As we hope you are already aware, is a completely user driven site. From hosting fees to content additions are all made possible by our advanced member community.

That is, until now, sadly our following has dropped which has caused a significant decrease in subscribers to our service. We are aware there are limitations for some people, but others don't see the value in our services, and that sucks.

Since the day we opened on June 4th, 2007 we have been committed to supplying only the highest of quality to our viewers. It's been our mission to give you a place free of malware and rogue ads that allows you to watch your series without disruptions.

This isn't easy for us, up till this posting, we had enjoyed a rather prosperous existence until the last few years. We had an XBMC addon that had a lot of positive attention, we had a (crude) android app that seemed to be a hit among our fans.

However you might (or might not) know, is that we have been on a slide. For the last three years we have been on a proverbial nose dive with our subscribers, which is severely limiting our ability to continue operating as we are. operates on a dedicated network, comprising of servers wholly owned and operated by the staff. We take extreme amounts of pride that a video file won't go missing, or you won't ever have to hunt for that video you were looking for, everything is in a practical spot and for the 9 years we have been doing this have always been accessible.

We are afraid. As it sits the site has about 2, maybe three months of capital before it dries up and we would be forced to close down.
This may be a shock, or it might not be, as it sits, no staff member can afford to take on the colocation or cloudflare bills, they are just too great for us.

We are asking for your help, no one likes asking for money as we are an especially spoiled group because we have had such great success through our subscription channel, until now.

With that said, we are not looking for donations to cover 100% of the hosting payments, no. We are simply looking to get the difference met through donations.

Before we outline what costs are involved with the site, please note that any donations are just that. They are not advanced member subscriptions, and they will NOT have perks involved. Your donation goes to keeping the site alive, period.

Site Costs

- Colocation fees:$1,100/month
- Cloudflare DDoS Mitigation Service:$20/month
- Control panel fees: $35/month*

Total per month: $1,155

The reason the costs are so high are as follows.
1) We have a full rack, we pay pennies for a gbit uplink for the amount of space we occupy, our objective has been to make an automated procurement and encoding cluster, to do that we needed space. We have a total of 10 servers that make up what is used by processes.
2) Cloudflare could be less, however there are some critical features in the business plan that we cannot get at the pro plan. Our site has been riddled with DDoS attacks, 5 in the last 6 months, Cloudflare allows us to stay online without worry that someone with access to a botnet will attempt to take us down for ransom!
3) The control panel software is on it's way out, we are working towards a distributed server setup which would see the need for a control panel to no longer exist, once we are able to migrate to that solution the cost associated will be gone.

Other than that, there really isn't much more to say. We love what we've created, we love our advanced members as well as everyone that has frequented the site since it's release.

There are three projects outstanding right now, a Roku Channel, a new Android app, and an iOS app, however, all of these projects will have to cease if we are unable to meet our minimum operating goals.

Thank you, Staff.
Current Progress
Goal: $1155
Current: $0
Difference: $1155
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